Guest house “Kalnaruski”

The guest house „Kalnaruski” provides numerous accommodation and leisure facilities according to your requirements.


The guest house offers comfortable and cozy accommodation:

  • Separate rooms (1-4 people in a room) for up to 40 guests in the winter season. During summer, there are extra rooms available for up to 80 people;
  • A special apartment for newly-weds;
  • A landscaped campsite in summer.
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Leisure facilities

The guest house is in a quiet and peaceful countryside with a picturesque landscape and several smooth ponds. The following facilities are available for guests:

  • Comfortable places for swimming;
  • Possibility to angle. There are several kinds of fish in the ponds (pike, carp, crucian etc.);
  • Sauna;
  • A chance to watch rabbits and goats.

You can also hire the premises of the guest house „Kalnaruski” for any arrangement (see Catering and arrangements).

Free WiFi for guests is available in the guest house.

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